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Why Oversize T Shirt Printing?

Incorporating oversized shirt printing into your brand not only expands your print size, it expands your brand. A larger print means more visibility in the store and on your wearer, potential to reach another audience with your existing logo, and forces interaction with your high quality t shirt fabric to unfold the shirt and see the whole image. Yes, printing bigger can lead to more sales for and conversations about your brand.

Oversized Screen Printing T-Shirts Is Here To Stay

To keep up with the trend in today’s fashion marketplace companies who use apparel as a way to market and gerneate revenue are offering larger logo options as an alternative to their standard branded shirt. At Xelent, oversize printing is 16×20 inches and only one of the large format screen printing sizes we offer.

Made You Look

See you are already proving our point. Bigger is better!

What Inks To Use

Light blue has an A rating when using discharge.To achieve maximum results, we would recommend using discharge.

Oversized Printed T-Shirts Are Cool, But Make Sure You Know These Things

You’ve decided to go with a printed oversized shirt. What should you expect?

We believe in giving our customers options. To diversify your product offerings consider mixing and matching garments of the same fabrics to meet your needs.

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