Influence Your Audience Using All Over Print Shirts

For some of our clients who have something very important to say or a design that requires the entire shirt, we offer all over print t shirts. We’ve had clients use the format for promoting their new logo on an allover print shirt. It does get them noticed, but what about our other clients, why would they decide to print all over the shirt? For one very important and often overlooked reason – influence marketing. When you see a friend wearing a political, cat, or a band t-shirt, that friend is telling you that he or she supports it.

Are you more influenced by your friends or ads? Now consider if that same very good friend was wearing a t-shirt with that same logo but in an all over print design. Would you think that your very good friend really, really supports that political movement, cat, or band? We bet you would! An all over print shirt will let you and other passer bys know who your major followers are!

All Over T Shirt Printing Is….


This is an apparel decoration technique that very few brands, bands, or organizations get into because of budget constraints, longer turnaround times, or high minimums.

Sometimes you do something just because you want to, it’s different, or cool. All over shirt printing takes any design to the next level visually. A great example is jeresys for sporting teams. Thousands of people see those logos and colors which helps increase awareness and connection on the street and social media.

All over tee shirt printing can be used for merchandise as well. If your band or brand are in a festival, there are few ways that make a statement or differentiate you from the booth next to you than showing up with all over printing shirts. These items are a great way to charge a higher price point and give your most dedicated supporters something extra special to help them show how much they support you.

If you want your brand to get noticed, look into creating custom all over print t shirts.

With Custom All Over Printed Shirts the Possibilities are ENDLESS!

Color Blocking, patterns, huge statement pieces, and more to liven up what you are currently doing.

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What Industries Use All Over Screen Printing

Ever wonder who typically uses theall over screen printing t shirts method?Here are some key industries..



Fashion Design

Want your design to be all over more than t shirts? Xelent can help you diversify your offerings to get you a complete line with multiple revenue products.

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