What Is Water Based Screen Printing Ink?

Water based ink screen printing is similar to discharge ink screen printing in terms of feel and look.However, it is more environmentally friendly.Our inks are not toxic, do not contain lead or any heavy metals, nor do they contain any ozone-depleting chemicals (CFC’s, HCFC’s, etc) or volatile solvents.

Water based screen printing on T shirts with color can be done, but our testing tells us that the best results are rendered when printing on light colored garments. Water-based ink utilizes either dyes or pigments in a suspension with water as the solvent. The evaporation of the water is necessary to set or cure the ink. This curing can take place either at room temperature or using a forced-air dryer depending upon the specific water-based ink used and the speed or volume of production.

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Water Based T Shirt Printing Is Different

You can take comfort in the fact that we have experience printing with this type of ink. Water based shirt printing cannot be treated the same as other screen printing techniques and as a result the entire process must be adjusted to accommodate water based ink printing. Whether you choose to work with Xelent Traders or not make sure that you give your money to a printer that understands how to print a t shirt with water based ink.

Keys To Successful Water Based Silk Screen Printing

If you choose to print with water based inks make sure you work with a screen printing company who has experience and knowledge in this technique. The list below is a few of the items that are affected when you use water based inks instead of traditional plastisol inks.

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