There was a time when embroidered polo shirts reigned as the corporate uniform. Today, embroidered t shirts have cut a chunk out of the custom apparel market share. If you’re wondering what embroidery on t shirts looks like – think thousands of vibrant threads, tightly constructed together, creating a 3-D design that can detail graphic, logos and messaging. The most cited reason for introducing embroidered tee shirts into a marketing mix is to simplify a design to upgrade apparel for corporate representatives or give graphics more texture.

Examples Of Shirt Embroidery

T-shirt embroidery can be used as a primary process or added after screen printing is done. For hats it is genereally the primary focus. The process of putting embroidery on shirts requires a digitized file that breaks the graphic into thousands of stitches to be sewn by the machine. The more stitches in your design, the more your embroidered logo will cost. At Xelent Apparel , we use upgraded, premium thread embroidery all the time.

Custom Embroidered Shirts

When you think of custom shirt embroidery, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

For those of us who work in the custom apparel industry, we have seen custom embroidered t-shirts hanging in high end stores, and brining in a premium price because of its unique texture and design.

Custom t-shirt embroidery is used on uniforms, branded apparel and retail/wholesale product designs.

Embroidered shirts using custom upgraded threads is a growing trend in the fashion industry. Embroidered t-shirts with custom colored threads is dressing America.

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