The Ultimate Endorsement: People Wearing Your Brand

Imagine being an advertiser in 1980. Cable television was in its infancy. There were no personal computers, let alone smart phones. If you wanted to reach a certain audience, it was relatively simple: Print, Television, Radio, Billboards. Television commercials had famous icons that were easily relatable and advertising was simple: talk about your products. The Internet and smartphones changed the paradigm. Eye level products now refer to search, not shelves and your interaction with a potential customer comes only when they invite you to participate in their buying process via favorite websites, comparison shopping or if you are lucky enough to reach their inner circle and endorsed by a trusted friend.

Wear Your Brand

The big apple festival is coming up and your apple chips will compete with apple tarts, apple pies, apple pickles, apple cider and more. What would happen if people were enjoying the festival wearing a custom t-shirt?

Every person wearing a t-shirt with your logo or graphic design is endorsing your product. The number one reason people purchase is a friend’s referral.

Your custom ad on a t-shirt is also part of the entire landscape. It is touting your apple chips in the context of the apple festival.

Everything about your custom t-shirt design must illicit something that connects with your audience.

People never really grow up and there is a deep need to belong. Custom apparel promotes a lifestyle and provides a decisive edge against your competition

Why Is Branding Important?

Branding is an effective way to get customers to purchase your products. We are a busy society and every bit of time we have free, it is coveted. As a group, we all learn to connect with products quickly or not at all. If you are not present in the first few thoughts of your customer or the first few listings on Google then your ability to influence is low. Branding is the art of molding and positioning your product into your customer’s psyche and being present when a purchasing decision is needed.

Examples Of Branding

Everything you ever wanted to say about your brand can be accomplished with a great logo or design on high end custom apparel. Your brand is everything, you can’t afford to be cheap.

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Custom Shirt Printing : Create A Connection With Branding

Xelent Apparel Company is a full-service custom t-shirt printing company with a wide range of clients. In addition to custom printing on t-shirts, we often consult companies looking to make an impact in their market with a powerful brand campaign. From logo design to apparel mix, our team is dedicated. Custom printed t-shirts, polo shirts with an embroidered logo, and cut and sew hats are just a few products Xelent Apparel Company offers to our clients. Mature brands interested in marketing their own brand of apparel have called upon us to take advantage of our custom t-shirt printing expertise,incorporating brand building add-ons such as our custom neck labels, individual packaging, and hang tags.

How Xelent Apparel Can Help

We have been part of the custom apparel industry for more than a decade. As a former executives in the nonprofit sector, we understand the brand potential that custom apparel offers companies. Over the years, we developed a successful program for customers interested in measurable results. We also understand that each custom order is unique. Some of our clients look for simple name branding, while others want to overhaul and rebrand themselves or look to brand new revenue streams associated with their current mix. We have the branding experience, insight, and talent to connect with your target audience.

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Branding Color Choice Fun Fact

Starbucks references money in its brand name; they landed on the color green to give a tip of the hat to US currency.

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